About Us


The Foundation serves as one of the financial resources for the Town of Bow's public library.  The Foundation accepts monetary donations and gifts to be used for the benefit of the Baker Free Library, and may actively engage in raising funds to benefit the library.  The Foundation allows philanthropically minded persons, families, corporations, etc., a way of directly benefiting the Baker Free Library.

Board Members

Eric Anderson, President

Matthew Dodge, Vice President

Lisa Boyd, Secretary

Mike Griffin, Treasurer

Judy Goodnow

Christine Carey

History of the BFL Foundation

The BFL Foundation was created in 2013 to facilitate the long-term growth and sustainability of the library.  Through private donations from generous local businesses and individuals, the Foundation raised $300,000 to complete the Library's lower level renovation - an effort shared with the town's taxpayers who supported the effort with $300,000 in matching funds.  The Foundation is focused on continuing to help the Bow community and its taxpayers by growing an Endowment Fund for the Library, which will help sustain and enrich the Library and its services for years to come.


You can donate by mailing (or bringing) a check written to "The Baker Free Library Foundation" at 509 South St., Bow, NH  03304, or by donating on-line through our DONATE link.  Thank you for your support!